Most don’t read the pages on,, and on a whim. More than likely, you are reading this and the page that linked you here because you have questions, and seek answers. We hope to help you find the answers you seek, and we’ll do that mostly by using ENCOUNTER reports from other viewers, like you, who shared their photographs, textual accounts, and other materials with us. Now it’s time for you to tell us what you still need to know.  That’s what a VIEWER-PARTICIPANT WEBSITE is all about.

It means that you are the most important cog in our wheel! We depend on you to be our eyes, ears, and brains. When you are puzzled about something you encounter in nature, your next step should be to document what you find, along with appropriate background matter, and send it in.  We’ll format your material and post it so others can benefit from your experiences.

It also means that when you read or see something on,, or that doesn’t comport with what you know or believe to be true, your next step should be to send us your correction, along with an explanation why you believe the correction is appropriate. We need your inputs. It’s what keeps us straight, and enables others to have confidence in the information we post here.

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