Glossary of Scientific Terms and Expressions: G

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  • geniculate (jin-IK-yoo-lat): L. geniculum = little knee, knotty; 1. zool. anat. — bent, knee-like; a. arach. anat. — usu. pertains to chelicerae in which the basal segment (paturon) extends beyond the clypeus giving the chelicerae a bent appearance.
  • genital bulb (see bulb)
  • glabrous (GLA-bruhs): L. glaber = bald, smooth; 1. zool. anat. — smooth, shiny; a. arach. anat. — usu. ref. to a smooth cuticle that is without hairs or spines.
  • globose (GLO-bos): L. globos = sphere, globe; 1. zool. anat. — rounded, spherical.
  • gnathobase (NAATH-o-bas): see endite.
  • gnathocoxa (naath-o-CAHX-ah): see endite.
  • gonopore (GAWH-no-por): Gr. γονος “gonos” = that which is begotten or produced, young animals, fruit + Gr. πορος “poros” = a passage, a way though, a hole; 1. zool. anat. — the genital opening; a. arach. anat. — the genital opening in the middle of the epigastric furrow.



  • anat. = anatomy; arach. = arachnid; behav. = behavioral; biol. = biological (inclusive of all animals and plants); bot. = botanical (inclusive of all plants); Gr. = Greek; L. = Latin; q.v. = L. quod vide = which see; pl. = plural; taxon. = taxonomy; zool. = zoological (inclusive of all animals).



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