Membership in the Megatherium Society is open to everyone, worldwide, absolutely without discrimination.

All our pages and postings are freely accessible to all.

Membership is free to all who wish to join, including what might be called non-participatory membership. Non-participating members, however, miss out on a lot of important activities, so consider becoming a participating member, by contributing to the Society’s work. All members are encouraged to participate in the Society’s work, by submitting articles for inclusion on the Society’s website, and by creating and editing postings and pages that further our goals and objectives. Subscribing members who wish to do so will be assigned appropriate credentials depending on the nature of the work in which they wish to become involved.


Please Note: we recently (on 7 May 2016) scrubbed our user list of over 4,000 registered subscribers who have not logged onto the site for the past four years or whose credentials appeared to be linked to spam comments. If your subscription was removed by mistake, please accept our sincere apologies. Simply register again with your old user name and post a comment explaining how you would like to contribute to the Society’s work. Your registration will be replied to by our Executive Director quickly. 

We had no choice but to scrub a large number of users from our subscription list due to all the spam subscribers that had registered in the past. We now have new, competent firewalls installed that promise to limit or eliminate future spam subscriber registrations, so — hopefully — this action should not be needed in the future. 


We are currently seeking assistance from all those who would be interested in participating in the full development of the Society’s Glossary of Science.

In keeping with the requirements for membership in the original Megatherium Club, neither age nor level of education has any effect on membership qualification. Participating members are expected to possess a serious interest in furthering the age-old goals of science, to display a deep-seated devotion to objective, scientific methodology, and a willingness to work in close harmony with other scientists while participating in Society projects.

To register as a participating member: click on the REGISTER button under META tools, and follow the instructions. You may also email for more information. Feel free to include a brief biography, including your scientific interests, contributions you have made to scientific progress in the past, and your aspirations for scientific advancement in the future. Describe briefly how you would like to contribute to the Society’s work.


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